Dhanush Brand is flagship brand in mustard oil segment. Dhanush is popular among mustard oil consumers, who love the rawness and pungency of mustard oil. With its deep understanding of the mustard oil sector, Dhanush brand mustard has become a well renowned Agmark Grade-1 Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil who has been serving its best quality from last 20 years.

Double filter process used to extract Dhanush brand Mustard ensures that the purest form of mustard oil will be delivered to consumers.

We believe that consumers need the best and pure mustard oil as a cooking and health medium.

Our relentless focus on quality and hygiene has ensured that “purity” and “freshness” of mustard oil are preserved till it reaches the home of the consumers in every nook and corner of the country.


Our mustard cake consists high nutritional contents, that is highly recommended by veterinarians for proper growth of cattle and increasing milk in them. High percentage of oil in our mustard cake makes it best suitable for Solvent plant.